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45x Crypto
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 Crypto Currency News

Co-founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Real Vision, Raoul Pal have appeared in a recent YouTube podcast on Coin Bureau, sharing insights on the potential for a Dogecoin ETF as meme coins continue to gain traction in the market. 16/06/2024

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, is delighted to announce the integration of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, empowering users to instantly deposit and withdraw Bitcoin on Bitget. 12/06/2024

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) is changing its stance regarding nonfungible tokens (NFTs), looking to classify some of them as Virtual assets. 10/06/2024

Robinhood has agreed to acquire leading Bitcoin and crypto exchange Bitstamp for $200 million in cash, marking a major expansion of its Bitcoin and crypto business. The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2025. 06/06/2024

Dogecoin (DOGE) has come under the spotlight, with crypto investors looking to have turned their attention to the foremost meme coin. This development is expected to positively impact the meme coin, which has lagged for a while now. 01/06/2024

Shiba Inu was in form earlier when it surged to its month-high of $0.00002874, indicating a returning trend for this cryptocurrency. It is next in line after Dogecoin for its popularity and community support in the meme coin category. 30/05/2024

Bitcoin is fast-dropping, looking at price action in the daily chart. Even after the impressive spike above $71,500 early this week, there needs to be a conclusive follow-through for optimistic bulls. Despite this correction, one analyst strongly believes Bitcoin will rally sharply, reaching $80,000 by the end of the month. 24/05/2024

Margex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2019 focusing primarily on derivatives trading. However, it also offers other popular features such as copy trading, staking, price alerts, an attractive referral program, and much more. 23/05/2024

After hitting an all-time high of $73,737 in mid-March, the price of Bitcoin has not been able to sustain itself at a high level of vigor and strength. The premier cryptocurrency did, in fact, enter a new era with the April halving event, but its price performance in the past weeks has yet to reflect this. 19/05/2024

11300 USDT payment proof added on Guaranteed Profit Investment,,Bitpanda GmbH, a Vienna-based fintech company, has recently anticipated its profit to reach record highs in 2024, nabbing global attention. 16/05/2024

BlockFi, a centralized crypto lender, recently shut down its web platform and selected Coinbase as its distribution partner for customer fund withdrawals. The move comes as BlockFi aims to ensure a swift transition for eligible customers following the closure of its platform. 11/05/2024

Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has made a public filing to list Coincheck Group B.V. on Nasdaq through a De-SPAC transaction with Thunder Bridge Capital Partners IV Inc. This follows an earlier announcement from March 22, 2022, detailing plans by Monex Group Inc., Coincheck’s parent company, for the listing. 09/05/2024

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price moved above $64,000 before making a slight correction igniting bullish momentum following the broader market recovery. The gains registered by the asset in the last 24 hours come after massive liquidations were seen across the crypto market. 05/05/2024

The BlockDAG presale is boldly charting its path towards a $0.05 target in its 45th and ultimate batch. Along its journey, BlockDAG has just commenced its 10th presale round, witnessing a surge in coin price to $0.006, further solidifying its upward trajectory and establishing itself as one of the best new cryptos to buy. 02/05/2024

The top US crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that a stablecoin pegged to the Canadian dollar could soon be trading on its platform.Announcing via the social media platform X, Coinbase says it’s adding QCAD to its listing roadmap, which alerts customers that the company could soon add support for certain assets. 01/05/2024

50,000 USDT Payment sent to an investor,As Bitcoin fell more than 5% last week, Bitcoin Supply Chain purchased 500,000 US dollars in BTC assets. Company analysts are optimistic that the BTC price will exceed 100,000 US dollars by the end of 2024. 29/04/2024

60er Investment News: Phoenix Wallet, a Bitcoin wallet provider for Lightning Network payments, has announced its impending removal from US application stores. Should you invest in Bitcoin for retirement? 28/04/2024

Movement Labs, a San Francisco-based blockchain developer, raised $38 million in a Series A funding round led by Polychain Capital. The funding is expected to support its mission to integrate Facebook’s Move Virtual Machine into Ethereum (ETH). Best place to buy bitcoin in usa. 27/04/2024

The tax authorities of Australia and Indonesia have signed a memorandum of understanding to share information on cryptocurrency. Under this agreement, both entities will exchange data on crypto assets and share knowledge to ensure adherence to tax obligations. 25/04/2024

Crypto Price Prediction: Following the completion of the fourth Bitcoin Halving, the crypto market witnessed a renewed recovery sentiment among investors. The altcoin markets are soaring as Bitcoin’s rebound to over $65K has enabled profits to be channeled back into more speculative cryptocurrency assets. 23/04/2024

The Reserve Bank of Zealand has said the proposed digital version of the country’s physical cash would provide universal access to central bank money, either in physical cash or digital form. According to the central bank, the digital version will not only be government-backed but will also be denominated in the local currency. 20/04/2024

A group of British banks, including Barclays and Citigroup, is working on a new pilot of tokenized deposits aimed at enhancing the tracking of banking payments. In a press release on Apr. 15, the British trade association UK Finance revealed that the lenders are embarking on the “UK Regulated Liability Network” experimentation phase, utilizing a “shared ledger” to streamline cross-border transactions. 17/04/2024

The cryptocurrency market has registered a massive reaction to the escalating tensions in the Middle East. Bitcoin (BTC), the king coin, has lost nearly 8% of its value within a few minutes, while other cryptocurrencies have registered a loss exceeding that. The great crypto plunge follows news of Iran’s official attack on Israel, confirmed by Israeli authorities. 14/04/2024

Where is the safest place to invest in bitcoin? Safe Ways to Invest in Bitcoin: Reputable Exchanges:Use well-established and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken. 10/04/2024

Hong Kong‘s licensed crypto exchange HashKey launched a new venture called HashKey Global established for an international business, the company announced in an X post on Apr 8th. 08/04/2024

BlackRock just updated its spot Bitcoin ETF prospectus, adding five new Authorized Participants (APs),Those to make the new list of APs for the world’s largest asset manager’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) ETF are Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs, Citadel and Citigroup, 05/04/2024

10X Bitcoin min deposit reduced to 0.002 btc, Pay 0.002 btc and receive 0.04 bitcoins after 20 minutes, 03/04/2024

Crypto Mining Investment has adjusted its investment plan and increased the return on investment. Because the price of BTC has skyrocketed in the past two months, our company's profit has also reached a peak. Therefore, in order to reward investors, we have shortened the investment cycle and increased Return On Investment(ROI), Invest in US. 01/04/2024

A new bitcoin payment proof added on Pension Saving,A cryptocurrency analyst has predicted a massive price surge for XRP, anticipating the cryptocurrency to witness a more than 600% increase. 31/03/2024

Bitcoin futures open interest surged to over $38 billion today, as BTC price increased 10% over the week. 30/03/2024

Crypto exchange KuCoin saw about $1 billion in crypto withdrawals over the past 24 hours and assets under management (AUM) slumped 20% as the trading platform faced charges from U.S. authorities, data from Nansen and Arkham Intelligence shows. 27/03/2024

Crypto exchange Binance has announced it will cease support for USDC deposits and withdrawals via the TRC-20 standard. In a press release on Mar. 25, crypto exchange Binance revealed that it plans to discontinue support for USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin. 25/03/2024

An investor from France invested 0.01 BTC and received a payment of 0.45 BTC from 45xcrypto.Despite a continuous four-day streak of net outflows from Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) totaling $93.85 million, the Bitcoin price has impressively climbed to reclaim the $66,000 mark. 22/03/2024

Memeinator, is in its final presale stage, with tokens worth less than $215k to go. Interest in the new meme coin is skyrocketing in these final hours. Meanwhile, Dogecoin, the original meme crypto, could be on the cusp of fresh traction with Coinbase listing of DOGE futures. 21/03/2024

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, is thrilled to announce the launch of a zero-fee trading campaign for BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT spot trading pairs, effective from March 20, 2024, 0:00 (UTC+8). 18/03/2024

El Salvador moves $386m worth of Bitcoin into cold storage,The Central American nation, under newly re-elected President Nayib Bukele’s guidance, revealed its considerable Bitcoin holdings, totaling 5,689.68 BTC, currently valued at over $386 million. 16/03/2024

Exchange.Cryptocurrency safekeeping firm Cordial Systems identified the first major clients of its institution-focused, self-custody technology, including Jump Crypto and Backpack Exchange. 15/03/2024

Brother Finance listed in our site,Brother Finance Accepts Investments via CryptoCurrency only as we find it for now most reliable and secure payment processor which give investments Privacy,Our 3 Investments Plans depending on Investment amount and holding period 4000% in 24 hours,5000% in 18 hours,6000% in 12 hours, you can withdraw your funds after holding period and withdraw will be manual but it would be very fast. 12/03/2024

The highly anticipated Blockchain Life Forum 2024 is set to take place in the vibrant city of Dubai on April 15-16. Welcoming industry professionals and crypto enthusiasts from around the world, this legendary event promises to be an unforgettable experience. 07/03/2024

45x Crypto min deposit reduced to 0.002 btc and 100 USDT, Deposit 100 USDT and return 4500 USDT after 24 hours, Deposit 0.002 btc and return 0.09 btc in 24 hours, Invest Now. 06/03/2024

The Nigerian government has reportedly slapped the cryptocurrency exchange Binance with a $10 billion fine, 02/03/2024

Paid 200 USDT and Got 9000 USDT in 24 hours from 45x Crypto, New HYIP Bitcoin Energy listed today, 01/03/2024

The assets under management of Hong Kong’s largest futures Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) have soared by 500%, reaching the $100 million mark since October 2023. 27/02/2024

Bitcoin rose by $1,000 earlier today as ETF trading began, with it once again closing in on resistance at $53,000 as traders hold their breath to see if it will cross it this time. 26/02/2024

Bitcoin is holding the range, currently trading at $51,000, as ETFs turn from a net selling outlier of $35 million on Wednesday to a net buyer of $250 million on Thursday. 22/02/2024

Smaller crypto investors are reportedly beginning to return to retail trading apps like Robinhood and Coinbase as BTC has rallied 25% in the last month.According to a new Bloomberg report, small, “mom-and-pop” investors are creeping back into the crypto markets, though they’re nowhere near the same level of involvement as the last bull market. 20/02/2024

Coin mixer and decentralized crypto exchange FixFloat suffered an exploit that led to the loss of 409 Bitcoin, currently valued at $21.17 million, and 1,728 Ethereum also worth $4.85 million. This brings the total value of the assets stolen to approximately $26 million. 17/02/2024

Leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization Bitcoin has demonstrated its position in the financial market by moving up the ladder to become one of the top assets in the world. Bitcoin is Now World’s 10th Largest Asset, Surpassing Tesla, and Visa. 12/02/2024

London-based liquidity provider B2C2 has secured regulatory approval from Luxembourg’s Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) to operate as a virtual asset service provider (VASP). 07/02/2024

LayerZero Labs, in collaboration with Delegate, has announced the launch of Clusters, a groundbreaking multichain naming protocol designed to streamline user interaction across various blockchain networks. 01/02/2024

The Bank of England and HM Treasury have unveiled their response to the public consultation on the potential introduction of a digital pound, following engagement from the public and industry experts. Over 50,000 responses were received, indicating the public’s interest in the future of digital currency in the United Kingdom. 27/01/2024

Crypto firm XBTO will no longer be the main sponsor of Messi’s Inter Miami CF jerseys. The fallout of the partnership between the crypto company and the soccer giant comes after a 3 years run. 24/01/2024

This week, spot Bitcoin ETFs recorded impressive inflows as the digital currency continued to battle the bears at the $41,000 mark. Meanwhile, the crypto scene witnessed updates on the Coinbase vs. SEC case. 22/01/2024

Bitcoin Supply Chain Back to Online,Bitcoin Supply Chain is Vip Investment system designed specifically for online investors. To make it easier for you and to reduce administrative expenses, we use the so-called electronic payment systems in our operations. 20/01/2024

Polymarket predicts that Trump will be the winner of the 2024 US elections with a 48% chance, Biden and Haley lag behind in predictions. 19/01/2024

South Korea is currently deliberating on whether to include gains from cryptocurrency assets in the upcoming abolition of income tax on financial investments. 18/01/2024

Crypto exchange OKX has secured a virtual asset service provider (VASP) license in Dubai via its subsidiary, OKX Middle East Fintech FZE, marking another step in the firm’s global expansion. 16/01/2024

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP led the crypto funds’ inflows last week as spot Bitcoin ETFs made their Wall Street debut on January 11, a day after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved all 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs at the same time. CoinShares head of research James Butterfill says it failed to break all-time high records. 15/01/2024

Statistical data reveals that Binance and Coinbase, two titans in the cryptocurrency exchange arena, cumulatively possess 11.85% of the $1.68 trillion digital currency economy. 13/01/2024

Pension Coin News: Due to the increase in BTC prices, we currently lower the minimum investment amount in BTC to 0.004 BTC. We are also open to accept USDT investment, and the minimum amount is 200 USDT. 12/01/2024

Over the last month, the supply of Paypal’s PYUSD stablecoin has seen a substantial increase, surging by over 72% from 167.83 million to 289.43 million PYUSD. This significant growth has propelled the payment behemoth’s dollar-linked digital currency to become the tenth largest among all USD-anchored stablecoins. 11/01/2024

Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin (BTC) on Monday topped $47,000 for the first time since April 2022 as anticipation for a landmark spot-based BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval in the U.S. is reaching a fever pitch, 09/01/2024

Lucie, Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, announced in a social media post a potential opportunity for members of the community to earn on their holdings. The marketing lead announced on X (formerly Twitter), the distribution of 2 LEASH and 85,000,000 SHIB tokens for participants on, 07/01/2024

Ethereum price tumbled and spiked below $2,000 on Kraken. ETH is now recovering above the $2,200 level, but the bears might be active near $2,300, 04/01/2024

Vip Investment Club add a $8000 Perfect Money Payment Proof, Pay $200 for $8000 Investment Profit, 02/01/2024

Happy New Year! Bitcoin Suisse Min deposit reduced to 0.003 btc, Invest 0.003 bitcoins,ROI 0.15 bitcoins after 5 hours, 01/01/2024

Bitcoin (BTC) registered a 160% rally this year in 2023 while the broader crypto market rallied by 100% adding $800 billion to crypto investors’ wealth in 2023. Bitfinex expects the crypto market rally to continue going ahead while predicting another 100% gain next year in 2024. Invest bitcoin retirement plan. 30/12/2023

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange CatalX halted operations following a suspected insider job that resulted in a “security breach.” 29/12/2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 25/12/2023

The crypto market is showing remarkable resilience amid major gains for top altcoins. As money flows into various positions, it appears the investor community is quietly impressed by one emerging crypto project – Meme Moguls (MGLS). 21/12/2023

Network data shows that Bitcoin mining hashrate has continued its recent upward trend and reached a new all-time high. Bitcoin’s 7-day average mining hash rate just hit a new all-time high, 45x Crypto recommend that investors currently try to use USDT for investment, especially USDT (TRC20), which is the best and has the lowest transfer fees, which can reduce investment costs. 20/12/2023

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Depreciation Below 41294 Technicals – 19 December 2023. Bitcoin (BTC/USD) continued to pare recent gains early in the Asian session as the pair collapsed to the 40508.01 area following renewed selling pressure around the 42367.82 area. 19/12/2023

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has collaborated across diverse sectors to pioneer the release of over 30 NFTs on LinkNFT. This collection also comprises 20 commemorative NFTs from the MyLink ArLink series, along with 15 NFTs from entities such as United Publishing House and Migu Music. 16/12/2023

Ledger, one of the largest and most popular hardware wallet producers in the cryptocurrency industry has identified a malicious version of the Ledger Connect Kit. 14/12/2023

Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,Crypto exchange platform Woo X has partnered with Wintermute, a crypto market maker and liquidity provider with over $3.6 trillion in cumulative trading volume. 12/12/2023

Robinhood, a well-known trading and brokerage firm, has significantly expanded its services by introducing its cryptocurrency trading platform to the European Union. 10/12/2023

$30,000 Perfect Money payment sent to a Qatar Investment's China Investor,The development of the crypto industry has resulted in fewer Perfect Money investors, but we still accept investments from Perfect Money. 08/12/2023

The United Arab Emirates has taken a significant step in its environmental initiatives by launching a new blockchain-powered carbon tracking and trading platform, 07/12/2023

60er Investment add a new perfect money payment proof, 06/12/2023

Coinbase Global, Inc. ($COIN) stock is exploding alongside Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto market. Investors are turning back to crypto stocks like $COIN as the market teases a full-blown rally before the end of the year. 04/12/2023

US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has seen a two-fold increase in the number of customer information requests from government and law enforcement entities over the last three years. 02/12/2023

Bitcoin supply shock tactics give way to ETF hype in Standard Chartered's new $100,000 BTC price prediction. Bitcoin (BTC) may hit $100,000 in one year’s time thanks to “earlier than expected” exchange-traded funds (ETF) launching, says Standard Chartered. 30/11/2023

Dogecoin Has Observed Both Adoption And Usage Recently,On-chain data shows Dogecoin has reached a new milestone as the meme coin now has over 5 million addresses that are holding some tokens in their balance. 29/11/2023

13x Bitcoin investment news: Hive Digital Technologies, a prominent player in cryptocurrency mining, is set to fortify its global influence with the acquisition of a data center and real property in Boden, Sweden, 27/11/2023

Guaranteed Porift Investment accept USDT deposit here,3.2 Bitcoin Sent to a Doha Investment's U.S.A Investor,Coinbase’s BTC reserves have increased by 12,000 BTC, worth about $450 million, while Binance’s Bitcoin holdings have decreased by about 5,000 BTC, or $187 million, 25/11/2023

New Bitcoin Investment program listed: Crypto 1000x Trade, Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof, 24/11/2023

0.387 btc payment sent to a Bitcoin7 USA Investor,As the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced a $4.3 billion settlement with Binance, former CEO Changpeng Zhao stepped down from his position while pleading guilty to security law violations. 22/11/2023

0.43 Bitcoins payment sent to a Pension Coin's USA Investor,The Shiba Inu ecosystem has achieved another milestone, with Shibarium ranking amongst the top five active networks on the NOWNodes platform. 20/11/2023

Stablecoin issuer Tether is making a significant push into Bitcoin mining with the goal of dominating this highly-stacked market. 18/11/2023

Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof. 17/11/2023

MetaWin, a trailblazer in the digital competitions arena, today announced the launch of its most ambitious event to date – the MetaWin Millionaire. This groundbreaking competition offers participants a chance to win $1 million in USDC Stablecoin, marking a new epoch in online competitions. 16/11/2023

Crypto Trade News: Nomura, Japan's biggest investment bank with $425 billion in assets and $10 billion in yearly revenue, has launched an ethereum fund through its subsidiary to complement a bitcoin fund. 14/11/2023

Bitcoin Gold Investments fixed the investment plans,Better serve for long-term investors. 13/11/2023

Doha Investment News: Coinbase, recognized as the top U.S. cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, appears impassive in its leadership position, according to data from Kaiko. Kraken, slightly behind, is moving forward, gradually taking over Coinbase’s market dominance. According to the data, Coinbase’s 24-hour trading volume is approximately $2.4 billion, significantly lower than Binance’s $9.34 billion in the global spot market. 10/11/2023

Ethereum (ETH) made headway above $1,900 on Wednesday amid growing optimism for the likely approval of a bunch of Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETF) in the coming few days by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 09/11/2023

0.93 BTC Payment sent into a Boston Crypto investor' bitcoin wallet,Binance, one of the largest blockchain ecosystem platforms for cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of a new Web3 wallet at the Binance Blockchain Week conference in Istanbul. 08/11/2023

45x Crypto has been paying for 22 days, the number of members has exceeded 300, and the total payment amount has exceeded $1.2 million,Invest in 45x Crypto and you will become the next crypto millionaire. 07/11/2023

High Investment program add a new bitcoin payment proof,Altcoins like Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) have continued to sustain their uptrends over the past few weeks even as Bitcoin (BTC) consolidates below $35,000. 06/11/2023

Dubai’s financial regulator, the Dubai Financial Services Authority, has approved XRP as a recognized crypto token for use within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a special economic zone. “Licensed virtual asset firms within the DIFC will now be able to incorporate XRP into their virtual asset services,” Ripple explained, adding that institutions located in the zone can now utilize XRP “to accelerate faster, more efficient global value exchange.” 05/11/2023

Crypto 100x add a new bitcoin payment proof,Ireland is crashing, with it deep in a recession that has seen a 4.7% contraction in the third quarter on top of -0.7% for the second quarter. 31/10/2023

0.54 bitcoins sent to a member,Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives and copy trading platform, is thrilled to announce to be one of the first centralized exchanges to list TIA, the native cryptocurrency of Celestia’s groundbreaking blockchain ecosystem. 30/10/2023

SOL, the native token of the Solana blockchain, has been one of the biggest winners in the crypto market lately, delivering another positive price performance over the past week. 28/10/2023

Crypto investors have fallen victim to a scam token, which shares the same ticker as BlackRock’s legit ETF. BNB Chain-based iShares Bitcoin (IBTC) token has scammed investors for nearly $90,000 worth of crypto as the crypto community, 27/10/2023

2.08 Bitcoins payment sent to a Ireland investor, Bitfinex Securities steps into a novel phase of financial solutions by announcing its first tokenized bond, ALT2611. 26/10/2023

Lastest Crypto Sportsbook News: BTC Sportsbook Bet 's min deposit is 0.002 btc now, Investors can turn 0.002 btc into 0.2 btc in 120 hours. 25/10/2023

45x Crypto is a growing company that believes in commitment. In one sentence what we do is, we do trading, we do business to serve investors. People search online to invest their assets in a trusted and reliable company,Multiply 45x Your Bitcoins In 2 Hours. 24/10/2023

1.6 Bitcoins Bonus sent to a Bitcoin Stock's VIP member who won the Lucky Investors on October 2023. 21/10/2023

Fluent Finance, a US-based startup that aims to bridge banking and Web3, has announced that it will partner with the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to develop deposit token-based tech. The company, which takes advantage of the Nextgen FDI growth program, will open operations in Abu Dhabi, planning to grow its headcount to over 100 jobs. 15/10/2023

Guaranteed Profit Investment news: Mastercard's latest innovation allows CBDCs to seamlessly operate across multiple blockchains, offering users enhanced security. 14/10/2023

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, announced on October 12, 2023, that it will no longer support withdrawals of pUSDC, the wrapped version of USDC on the Polygon network. 12/10/2023

Jordan Love has been throwing a lot to start the season but the Raiders defense may be equipped to stop him when the Packers head to Sin City for Monday Night Football. We break down the matchup in our MNF prop picks below. 10/10/2023

El Salvador is set to establish its first-ever Bitcoin mining pool after a historic collaboration between Volcano Energy and Luxor Technologies. The initiative aims to harness El Salvador’s distinct regulatory advantages and renewable energy capacity. 06/10/2023

Amid global expansion moves, Coinbase announced on October 1 that it secured a new Major Payment Institution (MPI) license in Singapore. 02/10/2023

Crypto exchange Binance is closing down all exchange services and business lines in Russia. The company has entered into a sales agreement with Commex. A Binance executive explained that operating in Russia is not compatible with the company’s compliance strategy. 29/09/2023

Bitcoin Financial Freedom add an investment news,Bank of Spain approves the registration of Coinbase as a bitcoin exchange. 24/09/2023

Stablecoin coin issuer Tether has announced it is resuming lending USDT to clients. The announcement comes less than a year after the company announced it would stop issuing loans. 22/09/2023

The new advocacy group already represents over half the country’s Bitcoin hash rate and will seek to shape energy policy and champion Bitcoin and blockchain. 20/09/2023

Nexera Exchange, the platform recently introduced by AllianceBlock, has added an innovative on-chain limit order book to the exchange. 19/09/2023

Paxos confirms it is responsible for an erroneous $500,000 Bitcoin transaction,PayPal, the global online payments giant, reportedly overpaid a staggering $510,750 on a Bitcoin transaction fee. 14/09/2023

Kresus and Coinflow Labs introduce a USDC off-ramp service, offering crypto conversions with no associated fees.This partnership is set to refine the USDC conversion experience, focusing on eliminating the fees typically associated with such processes. 12/09/2023

Australian Crypto Exchange Swyftx Offers Financial Incentives to Learners Completing Crypto Course,The Australian cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx has said it will offer financial rewards to users who complete its crypto education course. 08/09/2023

A new bitcoin payment proof added in BTC Financial Freedom's Proofs page,Ripple Labs has filed its opposition to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s request for Judge Analisa Torres to certify an interlocutory appeal of her ruling regarding XRP. 04/09/2023

Crypto assets firms located in the United Kingdom are now required to comply with the Financial Action Task Force’s Travel Rule as part of the change in the region’s money laundering legislation. 01/09/2023

Global money transfer powerhouse Western Union is boldly venturing into the dynamic and rapidly evolving realm of cryptocurrencies, marking a significant and strategic move in its financial landscape. 27/08/2023

The Vice President of Hong Kong's University of Science and Technology reiterates the proposal for launching a stablecoin tied to HKD to take on USDT and USD. 24/08/2023

Mastercard, the global credit giant, has unveiled a fresh initiative focused on diving deeper into the realm of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and their prospective integrations. 23/08/2023

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama on Saturday published a second update regarding Shibarium network status and its scaling. 19/08/2023

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin has exceeded even the top 10 established cryptocurrencies this week, posting a solid 15% increase that has captivated the attention of the cryptocurrency community. 14/08/2023

8 goals & 1 assist in 4.5 games including 2 freekicks, Messi simply can't be stopped. Inter Miami had 0 out of 6 victories before Messi arrived, now they have 5 out of 5. 12/08/2023

Payment Giant Paypal Introduces "PYUSD, a Stablecoin Backed by Dollars,Paxos Trust Co. issues “PayPal USD (PYUSD),” a coin backed by U.S. dollar deposits, short-term Treasury securities, and other low-risk assets. According to the article, Paypal’s U.S. customers will gradually gain access to it. 08/08/2023

Bitcoin at Risk of Witnessing Downside Movement This August As BTC Flashes Bearish Signal, According to Analyst, 77X BTC company is going to buy some BTC as a reserve fund. 07/08/2023

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican, announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election in June.Miami mayor to accept presidential campaign donations in BTC. 05/08/2023

Top US-based crypto exchange platform Coinbase is announcing the launch of a bridge for its Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 scaling solution. 03/08/2023

Ethereum Price Analysis: Amid the increasing FUD in the crypto market, the Ethereum price correction phase stalled at the support of the megaphone pattern near the $1830 mark. 31/07/2023

Palau, an insular nation in the Philippines Sea, has partnered with Ripple, announcing a limited pilot for its own U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin issued using XRP technology. 28/07/2023

1 Bitcoin payment proof added . PacWest shares crashed 27% before recovering on a rescue acquisition by the smaller Banc of California. 26/07/2023

Leave a Comment when you have got payment from Bitcoin7,LBank Labs and Seoul Metropolitan Government to Drive Blockchain Innovation at Seoul Web3 Festival. 25/07/2023

McDonald’s Hong Kong branch has finally entered the metaverse, joining a host of other global brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola and Gucci in adopting web3. 22/07/2023

Crypto Traders Flock to Unibot as Telegram Bot Tokens Near $100M Market Cap. 20/07/2023

Bitcoin (BTC) has remained above $30,000 for the past month despite market indicators suggesting weakness. 18/07/2023

A Bitcoin payment proof added on Qatar BTC Investment,The Coinbase stock price has experienced an incredible surge over the past five weeks. 16/07/2023

0.73 btc sent to a Portuguese Investor, The launch of Europe’s very first Bitcoin ETF comes amid the clamor from large fund managers to get a Spot ETF approved in the United States. 14/07/2023

The Hong Kong government has recently approved the retail trading of cryptocurrencies which went into effect on June 1, allowing retail traders to access particularly primary tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 10/07/2023

An altcoin in the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem is skyrocketing after its lead developer presented the first “truly decentralized exchange” ahead of the launch of Shibarium, the project’s highly anticipated upcoming layer-2 scaling solution. 09/07/2023

Olga Skorobogatova, first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, indicated that the launch of the digital ruble, the Russian central bank digital currency (CBDC), could happen in 2025. 08/07/2023

XRP, the native token of the XRPL protocol, has decreased its total supply. Over the past 30 days, roughly 247,016 XRP tokens have been permanently burned, reducing the total circulating supply. 06/07/2023

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is currently in dialogue with its counterparts from at least 18 other countries on the possibility of cross-border payments in the “digital rupee”. 05/07/2023

LBank, the world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, is soon to launch the world’s first unlimited cryptocurrency credit card. 03/07/2023

More than 60% of Binance’s institutional investors feel optimistic about the crypto market’s prospects in the next 12 months, according to a new survey from the company. 02/07/2023

Slovak Parliament Approves Cryptocurrency Tax Cut,Taxes will be cut from the current sliding scale of 19% or 25% to 7%, a significant reduction. Cryptocurrency payments of up to 2,400 euros, or about $2,622.20, will not be taxed. 30/06/2023

In light of recent enforcement actions in the United States, Binance is turning its attention to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a significant focus for its future operations. 26/06/2023

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the top-performing crypto assets this week after surging over 50% in the past five days to reach a four-month high. Trading at around $182 when writing on June 23, BCH is in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. 24/06/2023

Crypto Market Sees Liquidations Over $260 Million Amid Bitcoin’s Leap Above $30,000. 22/06/2023

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BC.GAME is a community-based crypto casino that offers their players the best online casino experience possible! Win 5 BTC free bonus. 18/06/2023

Flipkart, a leading figure in Indian digital commerce, has formed a key alliance with Polygon, one of the industry's key crypto firms building infrastructure around an ecosystem of Web3 products. 15/06/2023

Abu Dhabi Bitcoin to start bitcoin mining in Uruguay; We invested $200 in Bitcoin Mining company in Uruguay. 12/06/2023

Majority state-owned lender Sberbank is preparing to allow Russian citizens to buy and sell digital assets. Private individuals will be provided access to its proprietary blockchain platform as early as this month, a top executive of the bank announced. 10/06/2023

Circle, the company that issues the USDC stablecoin, announced on Wednesday, June 7th, that it has received its Major Payment Institution (MPI) license for digital payment token services in Singapore. 08/06/2023

Data shows the crypto futures market has registered liquidations of almost $300 million in the past day as Bitcoin has plunged below $26,000. 06/06/2023

Coinbase revealed its plans to extend bitcoin and ether futures contracts to institutional investors through its derivatives exchange. The firm mentioned that the Coinbase Bitcoin (BTI) and Ether (ETI) futures contracts would be accessible via third-party institutional futures commission merchants (FCMs) and brokerage firms. 04/06/2023

Tether, the issuer of leading stablecoin USDT, has revealed an investment into renewable energy production to support sustainable Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Uruguay.There are 500,000 USDT in our company reserve fund. 31/05/2023

A new bitcoin payment proof added in the 60er Investment's Payments page,Huobi HK announced its expansion of services after Hong Kong implemented its new crypto exchange license system. The platform now provides spot and custodial services to both retail and institutional customers in Hong Kong. 30/05/2023

13x Bitcoin add an investment news today,HOW TO MULTIPLY YOUR BITCOINS 13X IN 40 MINUTES? PAY 0.005 BTC TODAY, GET 0.065 BTC IN 40 MINUTES! 25/05/2023

Hong Kong Securities Regulator to Accept License Applications for Crypto Exchanges Starting June 1. 23/05/2023

The Shiba Inu community remains passionate about controlling its price action by eliminating excess tokens in circulation through burn events as the community has continued to burn SHIB tokens. 22/05/2023

Top 10 crypto investment sites in usa for beginners. 21/05/2023

Crypto Trade News: Our Normal Plan min deposit reduced to $100 and The Special Plan min deposit is $50 now. Our Investment plans are accept USDT and Ethereum deposit. 19/05/2023

Tether International Limited (Tether), the leading manager of the popular stablecoin, has unveiled a new investment strategy to bolster its reserves portfolio. 17/05/2023

Bitcoin Investment Qatar changed domain to "",PitchBook notes in a new quarterly report that crypto companies raised $2.6 billion in global venture capital in 2023 Q1, a 78% decrease from the first quarter of last year and the lowest amount of money invested in the sector since the fourth quarter of 2020. 14/05/2023

GET Bitcoin Fast use new bitcoin address for accept deposit,Bitcoin has plunged below the $27,000 mark during the past day,Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof. 13/05/2023

Paxful, a peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin exchange, announced the resumption of its operations in a blog post after being shut down for more than a month. 09/05/2023

India’s largest crypto exchange WazirX has finally listed meme coin PEPE after the Indian crypto community repeatedly requested Indian crypto exchanges to list PEPE amid massive hype. 06/05/2023

Ethereum network fees have experienced a significant upswing following the implementation of the Shapella upgrade on April 12th. In the last 30 days, onchain fees have soared by over 153%, from a prior rate of $4.65 per transfer to a current average of $11.80 per transaction. 02/05/2023

Senior macro strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence Mike McGlone is expressing optimism on Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets as the flagship crypto engages in seesaw price movements. 29/04/2023

Bitcoin Times upload a new bitcoin payment proof,In order to make a profit, without attracting attention (Blockchain API), you are limited to one deposit in 30 days (1 IP, 1 computer, 1 transaction). 27/04/2023

BlockFi was granted a 48-day extension by a New Jersey bankruptcy judge to submit an exit plan, exploring a potential sale of company assets and restructuring. 20/04/2023

Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment. 19/04/2023

A new bitcoin payment proof added on Vip Investment Club. 18/04/2023

Bitcoin’s price has been increasing consistently lately, continuing its bullish phase since the beginning of the year. However, the market is currently at a key resistance level, and its reaction is essential for the trend in the next few months.If the upward trend can be maintained, the BTC price will quickly reach $35,000. 16/04/2023

ZA Bank, Hong Kong’s biggest virtual-only lender, intends to expand its business into the region’s growing digital assets sector. The banking platform will offer crypto-to-fiat conversions and account services as the Chinese financial center is seeking to embrace the industry. 15/04/2023

0.55 btc payments proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin Payment Proof page,Financial titans Fidelity and Bank of America are now indirect owners of Bitcoin (BTC) after the two firms heavily accumulated shares of MicroStrategy (MSTR) in Q1 this year. 11/04/2023

Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof. 10/04/2023

In a bold stride toward the fusion of hospitality and digital currency, Radisson Hotel, an esteemed global hotel group, is now accepting shiba inu (SHIB), bitcoin (BTC), and ethereum (ETH) for reservations in its Georgian branch. 06/04/2023

1.25 Bitcoins Proof added in the Doha Investment's Payment Proof page,The investment branch of Coinbase, one of the largest centralized exchanges, will receive a share of rewards dedicated to Rocket Pool’s Oracle DAO. 05/04/2023

Belarus will allow crypto businesses, including miners, to operate tax-free until 2025. 30/03/2023

Nasdaq finally joins the ranks of TradFi giants such as Fidelity, BNY Mellon, and BlackRock in offering crypto services. The exchange plans to launch its crypto business with custody services for Bitcoin and Ethereum. 25/03/2023

Cryptocurrency platform StormGain has launched a decentralized exchange (DEX) to support the decentralized trading of digital assets with no custodial risk. 23/03/2023

At PrimeXBT, it is possible to get paid from other traders’ gains by copying and following top-ranked strategies listed in the copy trading leaderboards. Within the leaderboards, the highest ranked traders are making more than 4,000% ROI –– which means you can too. Find out how below and forget all the hard work that typically comes with trading and investing. 21/03/2023

Balaji Srinivasan has predicted Bitcoin will reach $1 million within 90 days as a consequence of hyperinflation in the United States. 19/03/2023

2 Bitcoins payment added on Bitcoin7,Coinbase just issued an alert to crypto traders, warning it is preparing to end support for six altcoins built on Ethereum.The US-based crypto trading giant says it’s preparing to delist Rally (RLY), DFI Money (YFII), Mirror (MIR), OMG Network (OMG), Loom Network (LOOM), and Augur (REP). 16/03/2023

The government of Spain has approved the resources for a new issuance of gold bullion coins, which will be directed to satisfy a higher estimated demand for these instruments.The Spanish National Coin Factory will purchase 40 million euros in high-quality gold pieces for this batch, a significantly higher amount of gold compared to the two series issued before. 14/03/2023

Crypto-friendly bank Signature Bank has been shut down by New York Banking authorities,Signature Bank’s closure comes days after the collapse of the Silvergate Bank and the Silicon Valley Bank. 13/03/2023

1 Bitcoins paymentproof sent to a new member,The Seychelles-based crypto exchange OKX recently started investigations into the platform following the users’ allegations of market manipulation of the Celestial (CELT) token. 01/03/2023

Citrus Investment min deposit reduced from $300 to $100,Good news for small investors,2023 comes with great opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. And among all the new projects launching every day, some decide to hold crypto airdrops to give away some crypto and to promote themselves among those interested. Abu Dhabi Bitcoin is Best Way to Invest BTC. 27/02/2023

A collaboration between financial services giant Mastercard and web3 tech company Immersve is set to offer a new option for paying physical, digital and metaverse purchases using crypto assets. 24/02/2023

Crypto exchange Binance has launched a new update to its fan token platform that focuses on helping sports teams engage with their fans by offering various rewards to token holders. 20/02/2023

Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine, the authoritative source of news, expert opinions and various information about the industry in Ukraine, has announced the release of its first printed publication, "Bitcoin. Freedom. Ukraine." 15/02/2023

Binance, the world’s largest exchange by user count and trading volumes, has upgraded its proof-of-reserve (PoR) verification system, per an update on February 10. 10x Bitcoin Investment has 1500 BTC reserves in Binance. 10/02/2023

Bitcoin’s 2023 rally is stalling after coming tantalizingly close to forming a trading signal last seen when the token was setting records. The coin’s near 4% slide in the seven days through Sunday was the largest weekly drop since November, paring its year-to-date gain to 38%. 07/02/2023

10 Bitcoins Payment Proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin, Indonesia has finally set a date for its long-awaited national cryptocurrency exchange. Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan announced that the exchange would launch in June later this year after it was initially set to launch by the end of 2022. 05/02/2023

A new bitcoin payment added in Pension Coin's proof page.Crypto Tax News: The Indian Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented her fifth Budget in the parliament. 01/02/2023

cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the launch of a new feature to help API users prevent self-trading on the platform. 24/01/2023

According to data from DeFiLlama, DeFi TVL has exceeded $45 billion — its highest point in the past two months. Major DeFi protocols such as Lido Finance and MakerDAO played a significant role in the DeFi TVL rise. Lido has amassed double-digit gains over the past week, adding $8.4 billion to the DeFi ecosystem since its lower low late last year. 16/01/2023

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is reportedly lining up $10 billion to invest in ChatGPT owner and creator OpenAI. According to people familiar with the matter, the multinational tech corporation is talking with OpenAI regarding this investment. 09/01/2023

Happy New Year To All 77X Bitcoin's Investors,Invest in Us and Become Richest in the world. 01/01/2023

The most Bitcoin (BTC) bullish Wall Street company in the world, MicroStrategy Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR) has announced it has increased its Bitcoin holdings by exactly 2,395 units as of Tuesday, December 27. 28/12/2022

cryptocurrency exchange OKX faced massive disruption in its services and withdrawals after its cloud infrastructure provider Alibaba announced a major hardware failure in Alibaba Cloud’s Hong Kong data center. 19/12/2022

The Bitcoin price has once again fallen below the $17,000 mark after it became known that the auditing firm Mazars will pause its work with Binance. 15/12/2022

Singapore-based crypto exchange has released the results of an audit on its proof-of-Reserves (PoR), showing it holds enough digital assets to cover customer balances. 10/12/2022

Swiss digital currency bank SEBA Bank has inked a strategic partnership with Hashkey Group to float new products and services that will drive institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. 05/12/2022

1.5 Bitcoin Payment sent to a 60er Investment's Toronto member. 01/12/2022

Cryptocurrency fraud in the U.K. rose by 32% to 226 million pounds in one year, according to data from the U.K. police unit Action Fraud, reported by the Financial Times. Investing in Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier is your right choice,100% Risk Free Investment program. 29/11/2022

2 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,Hedge fund veteran Tom Lee remains long-term bullish on Bitcoin (BTC) and expects the crypto industry to come out of its bear market stronger than before. 27/11/2022

After the Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele revealed the country would buy a single bitcoin every day, a report published by Torres Legal details that the government of El Salvador has created a National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC). 26/11/2022

The trading price of the altcoin SNM suddenly rose by over 4,000% to $10.91 on Nov. 20, 5:30 a.m. (ET), while the coin’s 24-hour trade volume stood at just over $720 million. The altcoin’s abrupt price surge has fueled speculation that the altcoin is being targeted by a pump-and-dump group. 21/11/2022

Nine major financial institutions and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have started to experiment with a digital dollar proof of concept to see if distributed ledger technology can improve settlement between central banks, commercial banks, and regulated non-banks. 20/11/2022

According to a document posted on the New York Bankruptcy court's website, FTX Digital Markets Ltd. has filed a Chapter 15 petition, and is asking for the recognition of a foreign process. 17/11/2022

Cristiano Ronaldo has entered into a strategic partnership with Binance duped ‘a global marketing initiative’ that will see his first NFT collection made available on Friday, November 18 by Binance. It is a partnership between the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and one of the world’s most popular footballers. 16/11/2022

Crypto 100X Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, recently recovered $400 million in $ETH after it mistakenly sent it to crypto exchange, instead of its own cold storage wallet. 14/11/2022

The European Commission is preparing to discuss with member states the adoption of a common tax regime for crypto assets, European officials have indicated. The talks with national treasuries are expected to start next year with the aim to end the differentiated tax treatment of cryptocurrencies across the bloc’s 27 jurisdictions. 12/11/2022

Bitcoin Price Invest Ltd, technology helps organizations be more creative, drive new innovations and focus on adding stakeholder and societal value. 10/11/2022

MarginX, the world’s first community-based decentralized exchange (DEX), launches on the Function X blockchain today. A new bitcoin payment proof added in Bitcoin Financial Freedom is Proofs page. 09/11/2022

Christmas benefits Our company will draw 10 lucky investors among investors in November and December, and each lucky investor will get a reward of 0.1 BTC on December 25th 2022. 08/11/2022

Crypto exchange FTX’s founder Sam-Bankman Fried earlier ensured users that deposits and withdrawals are working fine, clarifying rumors surrounding illiquidity. As users faced difficulty removing their Bitcoin holdings from the crypto exchange, FTX revealed that the matching engine is working smoothly. Moreover, Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals are facing difficulty due to limited throughput on nodes. Stablecoins redemptions will be affected until banks open. 07/11/2022

Coinbase is currently one of the most prominent platforms used across the world when it comes to crypto buying and selling. Over the last few years, millions of individuals across the United States and the world have been using Coinbase to conduct transactions, and this has made it grow as one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms. 03/11/2022

The min deposit reduced to 0.02 bitcoins for our members,Invest 0.02 btc return 1 bitcoins after 72 hours. 02/11/2022

1.03 Bitcoin Payment added in Bitcoin Stock is Payment PROOF Page,Banking giant Morgan Stanley says that blue-chip investors are reportedly lagging behind in terms of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto. 01/11/2022

Financial authorities in Hong Kong have unveiled a prototype of the Chinese autonomous territory’s own central bank digital currency called Project Aurum. 24/10/2022

3.94 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,German crypto bank Nuri has told its 500,000 users to withdraw funds from their accounts as the firm prepares to shut down and liquidate the business, marking it as another victim of the 2022 bear market. 19/10/2022

NFT marketplace Rarible wants to make it easy for its shoppers to hunt bargains when buying nonfungible tokens,Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof. 17/10/2022

The Bank of England has signaled privately to bankers that it will continue quantitative easing. It has signaled that it may continue bond-buying to stave off the pensions crisis. The Bank of England originally intervened with bond-buying as several pension funds were at risk of default, 12/10/2022

In a continuation of the country’s softening stance towards crypto, Japan’s Prime Minister has announced plans to invest in the Metaverse and NFT expansion, 05/10/2022

Binance, the largest digital asset exchange by trading volume, is opening its doors to serve crypto enthusiasts residing in an island country located in the Pacific Ocean.A new bitcoin payment proof added in Bitcoin Financial Freedom's Proofs page, 02/10/2022

$60,000 Bitcoin Payment sent to 60er Investment's member,Binance, which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, announced its plan to limit the supply of Luna classic (LUNC) tokens, prompting a surge in the token’s prizes, 27/09/2022

The Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) has decided to introduce a bill that will allow depositaries to issue receipts for trade in digital financial assets (DFAs), Russian newspaper Vedomosti reported earlier this week. It is good news for Crypto Investment Sites. 25/09/2022

The merging of crypto and TradFi is inevitable, with the latter potentially mitigating the volatility permeating the digital asset industry. 21/09/2022

Top US crypto exchange Coinbase is including another token to its listing roadmap, adding Illuvium (ILV) to its roadmap. 16/09/2022

A luxury hotel based in Dubai, Palazzo Versace, recently said it would allow guests to pay for services offered at its premises using cryptocurrency. 13/09/2022

Recognizing existing demand for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, one of the largest banks in Russia, Sberbank, now intends to allow users to issue them on its blockchain platform. The financial institution also plans to cooperate with art sites and galleries across the country. 11/09/2022

Huobi positions its subsidiary Brtuomi Worldwide as one of the first exchanges to provide compliant crypto derivatives and trading services in the British Overseas Territory. 09/09/2022

Get Bitcoin Fast use a new bitcoin wallet to accept deposit from crypto investors. 05/09/2022

The global digital asset industry is trading under volatility looking for much-needed clarity over regulations. However, reports suggest that European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) stand divided over the laws related to crypto. 01/09/2022

Goldman Sachs urges investors to buy commodities now; expect stocks to suffer as inflation remains high. 30/08/2022

Top US crypto exchange platform Coinbase added another altcoin to its listing roadmap, which puts the token on the path toward being listed on its burgeoning roster of tradable digtal assets. 27/08/2022

Binance is also working with Philippine regulators to establish a framework to encourage Bitcoin and crypto adoption in the country. 24/08/2022

Crypso – a digital currency investing platform – has garnered an impressive $3 million in new seed funding. 23/08/2022

South Korea’s financial intelligence unit is cracking down on 16 foreign cryptocurrency exchanges for operating illegally in the country, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof. 20/08/2022

During the Ethereum Merge, the crypto exchange Coinbase will temporarily pause deposits and withdrawals of ETH and ERC-20 tokens as a precaution. 17/08/2022

Crypto exchange Coinbase is analyzing the impact that scaling solutions could have on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. 14/08/2022

BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager with $10 trillion of assets under management (AUM), has launched a spot bitcoin private trust enabling direct BTC exposure for its institutional clients, per a statement from the company. 11/08/2022

A new Bitcoin Payment add in the One Hour Bitcoin's Payment Proof page,According to a press release, the U.S. Treasury Department announced sanctions against Tornado Cash, a decentralized exchange (DEX). 09/08/2022

60er Investment add an investment news,The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance on Monday said it will cease the off-chain fund transfer channel between WazirX and Binance. 07/08/2022

BTC Bros was removed from our site, they were stop paying to investors. 05/08/2022

The cryptocurrency exchange has now started allowing users to withdraw some tokens from their trading accounts. Zipmex also mentioned a schedule for withdrawals of Solana, XRP and Cardano from merchant wallets. 03/08/2022

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has announced plans to build an online-based metaverse campus called Metahkust. 30/07/2022

Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof. 27/07/2022

Chipotle has released a limited-time market simulation game ‘Buy the Dip’ that will donate $200K in cryptocurrency. Chipotle Mexican Grill celebrates National Avocado Day on July 31st and through this new game called ‘Buy the Dip,’ offers players the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency. 26/07/2022

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu in a conversation today said India is an important market for the company and plans future investment and infrastructure construction in the Indian market. 14/07/2022

cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, has received authorization from Italian regulators to continue operating to Italian consumers. 18/07/2022

The crypto exchange Bitfinex announced on Thursday that the trading platform plans to donate 36 bitcoin and $600K worth of tether tokens to help bolster communities and small businesses located in El Salvador. 15/07/2022

Leading American video gaming platform, GameStop on Monday launched its first NFT marketplace duped GameStop NFT. The market provides users with the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade NFT collections. 12/07/2022

Banking Circle was launched in 2016 with a mission to help payments businesses reach new global markets, avoiding the burdens of traditional banking. 09/07/2022

Cryptocurrency trading volumes across exchanges in India have plunged after the country’s 1% tax deducted at source (TDS) went into effect at the beginning of the month. Some major crypto exchanges saw volumes dropping by about 80%, 05/07/2022

Bitcoin Multiplier min deposit raised to 0.01 bitcoin, 04/07/2022

Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 03/07/2022

Crypto exchange, Coinbase is now considering on an expansion outside America to Europe, thereby increasing its scope and stretching its operations outside the home market, 01/07/2022

Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 28/06/2022

Morgan Creek Digital is attempting to collect $250 million from investors to acquire a controlling interest in crypto lender BlockFi.Through participation in BlockFi’s D series fundraise, the cryptocurrency investment firm is one of the company’s largest investors, 27/06/2022

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo has signed an exclusive multi-year NFT partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Binance. As part of this collaboration, football fans will be introduced to the Web3 ecosystem through NFT’s global campaigns, 24/06/2022

The FTX Stocks platform has been in beta testing for select U.S. users since May, but the firm reported it would be available to all domestic customers sometime in the summer, 22/06/2022

Because the BTC price dropped to 20000$, Bitcoin 100X Multiplier minimum investment amount was increased to 0.005 BTC, 20/06/2022

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13x Bitcoin updated our investment plans and min deposit is 0.005 btc from now on, 15/06/2022

Bank of America: 90% of respondents plan to buy cryptocurrencies in the next 6 months, 14/06/2022

cryptocurrency rewards tradable in over 100 cryptocurrencies American Express and Abra are launching a new credit card that will allow shoppers to earn cryptocurrency rewards “tradable in over 100 different cryptocurrencies” with no annual or foreign transaction fees, 12/06/2022

American Express is rolling out it’s first-ever crypto rewards credit card as part of a partnership with Abra, according to a joint announcement at this week’s crypto conference Consensus in Austin, 11/06/2022

Philippines Crypto Wallet Service Provider Partners With the PBA, 08/06/2022

Caribbean Islands, Dubai, Mumbai: Bitcoin Cash Adoption Continues to Grow Worldwide,Abu Dhabi Bitcoin are ready to accept bitcoin cash deposit in the near future, 04/06/2022

Euro Bitcoin Trade min deposit reduced to $50 and 0.002 BTC,ROI 25% daily for 500 days, 02/06/2022

Swiss29 is a crypto trading and exchange platform that can also serve as a wallet for its users’ digital financial assets, 31/05/2022

Dvision Network Announces Binance Custody as Its Custodian With DVI Token Supported, 28/05/2022

2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 27/05/2022

An Investor invested 0.01 btc on Bitcoin Suisse Club , Please contact us for withdraw information , 25/05/2022

Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 24/05/2022

A new bitcoin payment added in 60er Investment's Payment Proof page, A Manchester investor was paid 0.969 BTC ,congratulate the Manchester City football team on winning the Premier League, 23/05/2022

South Korean Regulators Introduce New Frameworks To Protect Cryptocurrency Investors, 22/05/2022

Swiss Luxury Watchmaker TAG Heuer Now Accepts Bitcoin As Payment Online,Bitcoin Financial Freedom have planned to buy 10 watches to reward our outstanding employees, 20/05/2022

10x Bitcoin plan to carry out exchange business in the near future, involving exchanges between PERFECT MONEY , PAYEER , BTC, ETH, USDT, which can already be exchanged offline. It is currently the reward period. All exchanges will not charge any fees, and will give an extra 2% reward , the minimum exchange amount is $100, 19/05/2022

One-Click Bitcoin Payments Are Now Available In 30 Countries,60er Investment accept USDT(ERC20) deposit from investors(min $100). 18/05/2022

BTC’s latest network difficulty all-time high makes it nearly impossible for bad actors to represent over 50% of the hash rate,One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof. 15/05/2022

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Nubank, the largest digital bank in Brazil and Latin America, announced that it has partnered with Paxos to allow the bank’s customers to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies directly through Nubank. 12/05/2022

OK Coin – a popular and large digital currency trading platform – has agreed to take up office space in downtown San Jose, part of the Silicon Valley in northern California. The region is known for hosting a wide array of many of the world’s leading tech companies including Apple, Facebook, and Google. 11/05/2022

El Salvador just bought the wild Bitcoin dip today with a 500 BTC purchase, at an average price of $30,744, according to a tweet from President Nayib Bukele,President Nayib Bukele announced the purchase of another 500 BTC leaving the total reserves of El Salvador at 1,620 BTC valued at $50 million. 10/05/2022

Trading App Giant Robinhood Lists Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Stocks in Grayscale,US trading giant Robinhood is adding two crypto-related products to its lineup for retail investors. 07/05/2022

Even though The Sandbox might not be the biggest metaverse by market capitalization, it might just be the most popular and preferred metaverse given the entry of a government regulatory body. Dubai jumps in The Sandbox Following the trend as most of the other altcoins did, The Sandbox fell to its six-month low of $1.96, 05/05/2022

Cryptocurrency exchange drastically reduced the rewards it offers on its Visa cards, and also cut incentives for staking its native token, Cronos (CRO), 02/05/2022

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Global crypto exchange Bitstamp released its Crypto Pulse survey on Tuesday and concluded that both institutional and retail investors believe that crypto will overtake many traditional investment vehicles within a decade — specifically 8 out of 10, or 80%, of institutional respondents and 54% of retail investors.Our company will increase investment in the cryptocurrency industry in the near future, 60er Investment purchased 30 BITCOIN ATMs and placed them all over the world, 27/04/2022

Amazon has come up with some pretty disappointing news for crypto fans. The company seems to have come and gone through time when it comes to accepting cryptocurrency payments, and now it looks like the company is not ready to move in that direction, 26/04/2022

Fidelity Investments, a leading financial services company with $11.3 trillion in assets under management, entered the metaverse with the opening of an eight-story learning center and the launch of a metaverse exchange-traded fund (ETF), 24/04/2022

The Bank of England’s regulatory arm has raised its budget by $31.6 million (£24.3 million) for the coming financial year saying that costs have increased due to its growing responsibilities and preparations for “emerging risks in the financial system”, 22/04/2022

Crypto exchange KuCoin’s venture capital arm and nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace have launched a $100 million “Creators Fund” to help bootstrap early-stage NFT projects at the intersection of art, sports and GameFi, 19/04/2022

Solar and storage technology is being provided by Tesla. In an interview, Adam Back – the CEO and co-founder of Block Stream – explained that the company is going to be a massive experiment in that it will be one of the first crypto mining firms to be fully powered by renewable energy, 17/04/2022

The government of Kazakhstan is preparing to increase the tax burden for cryptocurrency miners and intends to tie the new rate to the value of the minted cryptocurrency. The authorities in Nur-Sultan believe that such an approach would have a positive effect on the state budget, 15/04/2022

A new Bitcoin payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,Tether (USDT), whose market capitalization of over $82 billion makes it the world’s largest stablecoin, has launched on the Kusama network, 14/04/2022

The btc casino industry is one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. By the year 2020, it is anticipated that this sum would have increased to 227 billion dollars, 11/04/2022

Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 07/04/2022

Lionel Messi – one of the world’s biggest and most popular soccer players – has signed a $20 million deal to promote the crypto company, which establishes fan tokens for sports lovers, 01/04/2022

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13x Bitcoin update investors' stats, 30/03/2022

At the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, ​​Canadian music and music producer Grimes announced plans to release an “intergalactic children’s metaverse book.” Grimes’ metaverse children’s book project is part of a $100 million initiative initiated by the Avalanche Foundation and non-fungible token launch platform (NFT) OP3N., 28/03/2022

New Bitcoin Payment Added on today and some old proofs were deleted by One Hour HYIP, 24/03/2022

Malaysia’s communications ministry has proposed legalizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to increase the participation of young people in the cryptocurrency space. The crypto sector is under the purview of the central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, and the Securities Commission, 22/03/2022

Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, has been authorized by the country’s monetary policy regulator to issue digital financial assets. The move comes amid tightening Western sanctions over the Ukraine war, including limiting Moscow’s access to the world financial market, 19/03/2022

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The CEO of one of the world’s largest payment providers predicts that cryptocurrency technology will revolutionize financial systems globally. 15/03/2022

The price of Bitcoin is in danger of falling as investors are funding short positions in Bitcoin by borrowing digital money from exchanges. Datamish shows that investors are underfunding, causing the value of Bitcoin to plummet,Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new Bitcoin payment proof. 12/03/2022

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Thailand reportedly exempts 7% crypto tax for traders on authorized exchanges. 08/03/2022

Face Pay Inc., a company seeking to help credit card companies avoid or eliminate third-party fees, has announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency known as Face Pay Crypto, Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof. 05/03/2022

Japanese Wealth Manager Nomura Will Explore Cryptocurrencies and NFTs with New Unit. 02/03/2022

Bitcoin ETFs continue to see high demand despite the drop in the price of Bitcoin. Canada-based Purpose Bitcoin ETF (BTCC) holdings are at an all-time high. The Purpose Bitcoin ETF, which was the world’s first liquidated Bitcoin ETF, currently holds around 32,329 Bitcoins,13x Bitcoin payment proof updated. 01/03/2022

European stocks have opened sharply lower on Monday, with major losses recorded across banks as countries ramp up sanctions against Russia,The pan-European Stoxx 600 fell 1.7% in early morning action, while Germany’s DAX was down more than 3%. France’s CAC was also down, falling nearly 2.5% amid investor anxiety over how bad an impact the Russia-Ukraine war could have on markets. 28/02/2022

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Crypto exchange FTX has decided to start a new gaming unit. FTX Gaming intends to offer a ‘crypto-as-a-service’ platform, this in return will help gaming companies to introduce and launch their tokens and even offer support for non-fungible tokens. 22/02/2022

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is getting ready to start issuing federal licenses to cryptocurrency service providers in the first quarter. The UAE crypto regulation will take a hybrid approach. The government hopes that a nationwide crypto licensing system will attract big companies to the region. 19/02/2022

Famous actor Ryan Reynolds says crypto is “emerging as a huge, huge player.” The Hollywood star added that “companies are doing a good job of bringing it into a sort of safer, more mainstream light.” 17/02/2022

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Coinbase Global has removed ‘how to buy’ instructions from its website for at least three crypto tokens. The tokens in question have been the subject of ‘rug pull’ warnings that investors may lose their money. Coinbase said on Thursday that it is part of improving safeguards. 11/02/2022

Kazakhstan Mulls Fivefold Increase of Electricity Tax on Crypto Mining,PayPal Establishes Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Advisory Board. 09/02/2022

Thailand, home to a vast community of Bitcoin miners and one-fourth of blockchain developers, has introduced new regulations for cryptocurrency traders. The rapid growth in crypto trading within Thailand’s economy recorded $7.5 Billion last November prompted a response from government authorities looking at how best they can regulate this emerging market while also protecting investors. 08/02/2022

The recent crypto market meltdown drove investor enthusiasm toward the two largest crypto assets by market cap, according to a new survey conducted by digital asset manager CoinShares. 05/02/2022

FTX Enters the Japanese Cryptocurrency Market with the Acquisition of a Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange. 03/02/2022

Pension Coin has been established for more than three months, and currently everything is running well, with more than 120 members, a total investment of more than 1 million US dollars, and paid members more than 20 millions US dollars in profit. a good cryptocurrency blog which listed our site. 01/02/2022

American Express Sees Cryptocurrency As An Asset Class – Says Not A Short-Term Commercial Threat. 30/01/2022

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Top 3 Crypto Assets to Buy Before You Get a Bullish Market Pull. 23/01/2022

Robinhood has started rolling out its long-awaited bitcoin withdrawal feature. The company said in a statement Thursday that some users on the WenWallets waiting list have begun participating in the functionality as beta testers, trying out the new cryptocurrency wallets. 22/01/2022

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10x Bitcoin add an investment news for investors,BBTV in Canada will start paying its customers in cryptocurrencies,BBTV Holdings Inc., a leading monetization company, has launched a new program known as Pay to Crypto that will allow creators to receive payments directly in digital assets. 16/01/2022

The Cash app is ready to bring the Bitcoin Lightning Network to its 36 million users,The Lightning Network has been integrated into the Cash App, a peer-to-peer payment service operated by Block, formerly Square Inc. 13/01/2022

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Cryptocurrency-related gains, such as those resulting from trading digital currencies, will be taxed at a rate of 15%, a Finance Ministry official told local media in Thailand. After significant market growth over the past year, the department aims to improve surveillance of cryptocurrency trading in 2022,Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof. 08/01/2022

The crypto market usually attracts many innovations. But there are also some tokens that are simply released for this well-being factor and are not actually based on any intrinsic value. The football tokens are in this category. Basically, they are designed to be part of the passionate and loyal fan base that we know in football. 05/01/2022

The Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) has successfully completed its first central bank digital currency (CBDC), with the goal of rolling it out nationwide in the first quarter of 2022. 03/01/2022

Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof. 30/12/2021

The advice of Mexico’s third-richest billionaire: invest in Bitcoin, stay away from dollars, euros. 28/12/2021

Merry Christmas To ALL cryptocurrency Investors. 25/12/2021

Bitsgap gives traders access to an electronic trading terminal that lets them place orders to buy and sell crypto assets without needing to utilize exchanges. 23/12/2021

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Tesla to Accept Dogecoin For Payments,60er Investment uses cryptocurrency to purchase three Tesla Model X and presents them to our lucky members. The lucky members will be drawn out on January 1, 2022. All investors have a chance to win the prize who invested on 2021 year. 16/12/2021

Russia’s central bank plans to convert the digital ruble into foreign currency that can be used by non-residents. 13/12/2021

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Plans to Get a Fraction of His 401k in Bitcoin, During the first week of November, the re-elected mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez, explained that he would receive part of his salary in bitcoins through the payment processor Strike. A month later, speaking at the Real Vision Takeover event in Las Vegas, Suárez revealed that he too plans to participate in his 401k in bitcoin. 11/12/2021

Crypto Exchange Bit Mart hacked; Almost $ 200 million reported lost,One Hour HYIP spent $20,000 to upgrade the wallet, which can better protect our cryptocurrency wallet today. 10/12/2021

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Abu Dhabi Bitcoin accept Tether USDT and Ethereum deposit, If you want to invest via USDT or Ethereum , Please contact us for the address. 05/12/2021

Fidelity Canada successfully launched its Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) as well as the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF (mutual fund) on December 2. 03/12/2021

Pension Coin need to recruit three customers to serve investors in other languages, one Chinese customer service, one French customer service, and one Spanish customer service. 01/12/2021

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Children’s Hospital of El Salvador receives more than 1 BTC grant from a US non-profit organization,In the future, Bitcoin Stock will also give out 50,000 US dollars every month for charity . 25/11/2021

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor Patrick Njoroge said his institution is currently exploring the use of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to settle international payments. However, Njoroge insists that the bank’s priority is to get it right, not the first,Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier has successfully operated for the 3rd anniversary and currently has 1,000 members. Cryptocurrency is the future development trend. We will give all new members a reward of 0.003 BTC When they invest for the first time, this activity will last until December 31, 2021. 23/11/2021

Coinbase Launches Five Ethereum-Based Altcoins In Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem, 18/11/2021

Circle's Asia plans include a regional headquarters in Singapore, a new venture arm and investment in Japanese yen stablecoin efforts, 14/11/2021

Esports and crypto are two industries that continue to find immediate crossover. Outside of the growing play-to-earn atmosphere, spearheaded by the likes of Axie Infinity, the traditional esports and gaming atmosphere is finding new partnership avenues left and right, 10/11/2021

New York Mayor-Elect Eric Adams recently won the mayoral race for the city. On November 3rd, Adams became the second black man to be elected as mayor in the city of New York. The win was momentous in itself but Adams’s comments and stance on cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, in particular, have been what has pushed him into the limelight in recent days, 08/11/2021

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the country’s largest bank, offers customers the ability to buy, sell and hold crypto assets directly through its app. The bank has partnered with crypto exchange Gemini and blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis to provide encryption services, 04/11/2021

Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof, 01/11/2021

Slovenia launches public consultations on the crypto-taxation law, 28/10/2021

In Argentina, several companies accept payments in BTC, DOGE, other cryptocurrencies, 10x Bitcoin plan to accept DOGE COIN deposit, 25/10/2021

Retail giant Walmart says bitcoin can now be purchased at 200 of its stores across the United States. Cryptocurrency is offered at Coinstar kiosks located in Walmart stores. Coinstar currently offers bitcoins at more than 8,000 kiosks, 23/10/2021

Coinbase has a new endorsement agreement with the NBA, making it the official cryptocurrency platform for the sports franchise. CNBC said yesterday that the encryption platform intends to expand its reach and that the sports league will provide the necessary exposure, 20/10/2021

Ethereum looks like it’s about to explode when 400,000 ETH leaves Coinbase, 18/10/2021

Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof, 16/10/2021

Blockchain 30th Anniversary Celebrated by Blockchain’s First Inventors, 14/10/2021

LBank Exchange, the world-class digital asset exchange, is excited to announce that it’s launching a poll for the community’s favorite token, everyone who votes will get rewarded and have a chance to win iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple Watch and iPad mini at once! 11/10/2021

Ethereum: 7,000% increase until 2022 if history repeats itself. 08/10/2021

U.S. Bank Launches Crypto Custody Services Amid Strong Demand From Institutional Clients. 06/10/2021

El Salvador begins mining Bitcoin using geothermal energy from volcanoes. 05/10/2021

Coinbase claims malicious actors stole crypto from at least 6,000 merchants this year. 02/10/2021

Euro Bitcoin Trade min deposit is $100 for perfect money investors now. 30/09/2021

Africa has become a stronghold for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Venture capital seeks to capitalize on the growing trend.The Yellow Card African cryptocurrency exchange has closed a $ 15 million Series A fundraiser led by some of the largest blockchain venture capital funds, highlighting the potential for growth in digital assets on the continent. 28/09/2021

Binance is terminating some services in Singapore, including fiat deposit services and spot trading of cryptocurrencies, to comply with the country’s regulations. The exchange has already ceased trading in Singapore dollars. 26/09/2021

Twitter has started implementing Tips, a feature that allows users to tip bitcoins or cash. The rollout begins with iOS users and Android will be available shortly. 24/09/2021

President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, tweeted an update on the progress of the rollout of the recently launched Bitcoin app in the country, Chivo Wallet. To date, over 1.6 million Salvadorans have joined the app and now have access to BTC. 21/09/2021

El Salvador is buying more Bitcoin as the BTC price drops to $ 45,000. 20/09/2021

PayPal UK Completes Crypto Rollout, Lets All Eligible Customers Buy, Hold and Sell These Four Cryptocurrencies. 18/09/2021

10x Bitcoin update the investment news. 15/09/2021

Doha Investment listed on HYIP Rate today. 13/09/2021

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Russian government plans to view cryptocurrency mining as a business activity. 09/09/2021

El Salvador is the first country in the world to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender. Despite opposition from local groups, the government believes cryptocurrency will be of net benefit to the economy and society. 07/09/2021

Italian football champion Inter signs $ 100 million crypto partnership deal. 05/09/2021

What you need to know about this “high risk” bitcoin item. 04/09/2021

Belarusian President Says Crypto Mining Is Better Than Leaving Low Paying Jobs Abroad,Real Gold Investment reduced min deposit to $100. 02/09/2021

Countries in Asia, especially India, are outpacing the rest of the world when it comes to adoption of cryptocurrencies. A recent analysis of the markets by the research firm Finder has found that the top five countries in terms of crypto ownership are all located in Asia. Though these countries were considered as unimportant earlier, the recent study contradicts this and Asian countries now play an important role in the fintech sector. 29/08/2021

BTC Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof. 27/08/2021

37% Of U.S. Investors Decline To Liquidate Cryptocurrency Assets in Bearish Situations. 26/08/2021

Coinbase has announced that it plans to invest 10% of all profits in crypto. The exchange is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world and with their profit margins, 10% will be a big investment going into crypto. All crypto purchases with crypto will be kept on the balance sheet going forward. And the CEO expects this percentage to go up with time. 25/08/2021

South Korea: Foreign Exchanges Limit Transactions Following Strict Crypto Regulations. 19/08/2021

People's Bank of China in Shenzhen ‘cleans up’ illegal crypto firms. 18/08/2021

2 Hours BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof. 17/08/2021

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After a solid second quarter Coinbase Global Inc saw a jump in profits based on a 38% hike in trading volumes. However, the US exchange is predicting a slow-down based on falling trading volumes in the current quarter. 10/08/2021

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Binance Integrates Tax Reporting Tool as It Limits Withdrawals for Customers with No KYC. 27/07/2021

10x Bitcoin accept ethereum deposit from today. 24/07/2021

Football Premier League Club, Watford has recently signed a sponsorship deal with, crypto sports betting platform and casino. The deal is all paid in cryptocurrency but the football club didn’t reveal the financing details. 21/07/2021

Mexico to propose legal framework for cryptocurrencies. 16/07/2021

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Lionel Messi Wins First Copa America As Argentina Beat Brazil in Final. Lionel Messi ended his Wait for a First Major International Title As Argentina, congratulations Messi, Congratulations Argentina. 11/07/2021

NFT engagement is becoming increasingly popular with basketball teams in the NBA. In the mainstream spotlight, it all started with the boom of NBA Top Shot. However, it quickly spread to team-specific initiatives, including the Golden State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the latest NBA team to get involved. 08/07/2021

Bitcoin of America (BOA), a popular virtual currency exchange, is reporting record growth. Bitcoin of America is registered as a money services business with the United States Department of Treasury (FinCEN). 01/07/2021

Iran’s Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade issued operation licenses for 30 crypto mining centers in the country, the country's Financial Tribue reported last Wednesday. 27/06/2021

Real Bitcoin min deposit raised to 0.004 btc. 24/06/2021

A group of ex traders from Morgan Stanley have seen their crypto company Amber Group become a $1 billion company after a recent series B fund raise made another $100 million from investors such as Coinbase Global Inc. and Pantera Capital. 20/06/2021

Crypto trading platforms in South Korea are delisting certain digital currencies as they move to comply with stricter rules for the industry. The trading of some high-risk coins has been either halted or completely suspended on several Korean exchanges this week. 16/06/2021

California-based electric vehicle maker Tesla may start accepting Bitcoin payments again on the condition that more than half of the mining energy used is green. 13/06/2021

FootballCoin Launches Euro 2020 Fantasy Game with Collectable NFTs and XFC Prizes. 11/06/2021

Auction house Phillips is now joining some of its competitors like Sotheby’s and Christie’s by accepting crypto payments. The prestigious British auction house shall be accepting payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) against the sale of Banksy’s painting at the upcoming auction in Hong Kong on Tuesday, June 8. 08/06/2021

Miami’s Mayor Invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum and Plans to Buy Dip. 03/06/2021

Video-game retailer GameStop is creating a team to develop a non-fungible token (NFT) platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. 28/05/2021

Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof. 24/05/2021

The Layer 2 DEX platform seeks to leverage Polygon’s low-fee and highly scalable network to the benefit of DeFi users. 20/05/2021

Galaxy Digital Research Reveals Bitcoin Consumes Less Energy than Gold and Banking Industries. 17/05/2021

South Korea’s central bank is the latest entity seeking powers to monitor crypto trading activity in the country. 12/05/2021

South African Regulator Apologizes to Crypto Firm After Issuing Then Withdrawing a Warning in Less Than 24 Hours. 09/05/2021

The four largest cryptocurrency exchanges in S Korea amassed a combined trading volume of nearly 45 trillion won. This is compared with a combined 24 trillion won traded on the country’s two traditional stock markets. 05/05/2021

The Bank of England has been lit by the bitcoin sign this May the 1st, the people’s day or in ancient time the day of fire when they would celebrate. 01/05/2021

Japanese Gaming Giant Nexon Buys $100 Million Worth of Bitcoin (BTC) From Reserve Cash. 27/04/2021

PayPal’s Venmo Customers Can Buy, Hold and Sell Digital Assets. 24/04/2021

Hedge Fund Investment Firm Coin elderly woman to Start Investing in Cryptocurrencies. 18/04/2021

Miami commissioner wants to let residents pay taxes in Bitcoin,A Miami-Dade County commissioner is backing a new resolution to allow residents to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) to pay local taxes. 14/04/2021

Crypto wagering for online sports betting now legal in Wyoming . 08/04/2021

Prominent Crypto Analyst Says XRP To Reclaim Top 3 Spot After Major Bullish Breakout,60er Investment will buy 10 million U.S. dollars of XRP as a reserve in this week. 05/04/2021

Goldman Sachs has become the second major bank in the United States to offer access to Bitcoin funds to its wealthy clients. 01/04/2021

The Indian government has introduced new cryptocurrency disclosure rules. Companies dealing in cryptocurrencies will have to disclose their crypto holdings, among other disclosures, as part of their financial statements beginning April 1. 28/03/2021

Indian companies from now on might require to disclose their crypto holdings in their Standard SCH III balance Sheet reporting with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the company’s act 2013. The said piece of regulation would impact almost every company that has registered through the company’s Act and is believed to have got the input from the income tax department as well. 24/03/2021

Canadian Condo Company Invests in Bitcoin, Hopes to Become ‘Self-Sustaining Real Estate’,Crypto assets and the leading digital currency bitcoin (BTC) have been gathering steam in 2021 as assets like BTC have touched all new price highs. For instance, BTC reached an all-time high (ATH) touching $61,782 per BTC on March 14, 2021. 18/03/2021

PayPal Casinos 2021 | Casinos Accepting Paypal,more than 200 distinctive online casinos in our information base acknowledge this method of installment. 15/03/2021

Should you invest in Bitcoin in 2021? 12/03/2021

American Residential Warranty to Invest in Bitcoin and Accept it as Payment: The Most Trusted Home Warranty Company Has Also Become the Most Tech-Forward Innovator. 11/03/2021

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On Thursday, February 25, the U.S. markets plunged with Dow Jones (INDEXDJX: .DJI) tanking over 500 points in a single day. The surge in the U.S. bond yield to 1.6% has created havoc in the global markets along with the fears of inflation forcing traders to reevaluate their position across different asset classes. 25/02/2021

Central Bank of India Is Serious about Digital Rupee Project. 23/02/2021

South Korea Imposes 20% Crypto Tax and New Cryptocurrency Regulations. 22/02/2021

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Twitter Stock Jumps 20% Following Reports the Company Is Weighing the Possibility of Adding BTC. 12/02/2021

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Bitcoin Stock Company News: They enters the field of cryptocurrency exchange. We provide exchanges among in Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The exchange fee we charge is definitely lower than all exchange websites. If you are interested, please email us. 03/02/2021

Gold and Bitcoin supporters are likely to keep arguing with each other as both gold advocates and Bitcoin maximalist stick to their own school of thought. Recently, MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor predicted that in the future, investors are more likely to opt for Bitcoin over the yellow metal. 01/02/2021

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the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is purportedly planning to sell stock on Nasdaq’s private market ahead of the initial public offering (IPO). Coinbase reportedly notified shareholders that they will receive information pertaining to the private sale this week,Reports Indicate That Coinbase May Sell Shares via the Nasdaq Private Market Ahead of the IPO. 24/01/2021

Singapore Exchange, Temasek announce joint digital asset venture focused on capital markets,Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the Singaporean government-backed investment firm Temasek Holdings have formed a capital market-focused joint venture, SGX announced today, 2021. 21/01/2021

The U.S. digital currency exchange plans to significantly increase its service offerings this year.Coinbase, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a new platform designed to help issuers list their assets more efficiently — and, possibly, without having to go through the cumbersome listing process currently employed by the firm. also accept deposits from investors who used Coinbase wallet, 2021. 15/01/2021

Indian black marketeers have started offering unapproved COVID-19 vaccines to desperate high-profile patients in the region in exchange for bitcoin (BTC). So far, over 151k Indians have been killed by the virus and the government is yet to officially approve any vaccine, according to reports on January 12, 2021. 12/01/2021

The New Year Has Arrived! Will It Be Good for Bitcoin? 01/01/2021

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Mexican Crypto Trading Platform Bitso Looking to Expand Through Latin America, 12/11/2020

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Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced a new reward program for market makers who would improve the liquidity of its less-liquid trading pairs. 11/30/2020

Could Bitcoin be adopted by Google and Facebook in the future? 11/21/2020

Bitconic, a Netherlands-based Bitcoin (BTC) exchange, has informed its users that they now need to comply with a new verification measure in order to continue to use their services, 11/18/2020

PayPal Gives All US Customers Access to Crypto Service Options, 11/14/2020

South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, and Venezuela top list in relative cryptocurrency popularity, 11/08/2020

Bitterz LLC, the exchange is based out of Japan while its parent company is stationed in a small nation in the Caribbean known as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The firm is celebrating its addition to the crypto space by giving away free bitcoin for customers to enjoy and to get into the trading spirit, 11/04/2020

Real Bitcoin Pay 0.005 BTC today, get 0.5 BTC In 24 Hours, 10/31/2020

Public officials in Russia will now be required to declare all the crypto assets they hold as income. The measures are with effect from Jan. 1, 2021, local media reported, 10/23/2020

10 BTC bonus to 500 sharers on Christmas Eve, 10/21/2020

Tether May Become the Second-Largest Cryptocurrency Soon, 10/19/2020

The Hong Kong-based crypto exchange has launched a new type of hardware wallet that features fingerprint recognition. The device supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies with and multi-signature functionality with over 40 public chains, 10/15/2020

Paxful said the partnerships will allow users to trade bitcoin and tether using a lira-backed stablecoin, 10/12/2020

US Government Moves to Regulate Cryptocurrencies After Attorney General Publishes Enforcement Framework, 10/09/2020

The South Korean central bank will test the digital currency next year, 10/07/2020

Bitcoin an Attractive Opportunity Amidst Job Loss in Egypt,The Egyptian economy struggles to find its feet as a result of the global pandemic, individuals are turning to Bitcoin trading to pad their income. With unemployment worsening, investing, trading and mining the cryptocurrency has become popular amongst Egyptians as a source of revenue, 10/04/2020

Singapore Crypto Exchange Ku Coin Loses More than $100 Million in Hack, 09/27/2020

Kraken Is Opening Up Its Own Bank in Wyoming, 09/23/2020

Bitcoin Bank add a new bitcoin payment proof, 09/22/2020

Top 10 Cryptocurrency TikTok Accounts to Follow, 09/20/2020

BTC BROS return 3 btc for 0.03 btc deposited in 6 hours, 09/18/2020

You can Buying a Private Plane with Bitcoin, 09/14/2020

Conting Investment Group offer a new special plan for investors,where you can invest just only $1,000 to earn $30,000 in 2 days, 09/11/2020

British Fintech Company Revolut Launches Its Digital Banking App in Japan, 09/08/2020

Bitcoin casino and gambling solutions continue to expand all over the world as the crypto market shows bullish signs, 09/04/2020

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) could bring in stricter taxes for the country’s cryptoasset holders in the near future, potentially hampering the development of an industry that has emerged as Africa’s biggest, analysts claim, 08/31/2020

We all have our own opinion regarding Warren Buffett. However, whether it’s positive or not, we cannot deny he is one of the greatest investors of all times. Sometimes Buffett might seem a bit conservative and traditional if to look through his portfolio but, on the other hand, he manages to keep his wealth in times when the biggest winners are becoming losers, 08/24/2020

Nigeria’s Foreign Currency Crisis Boon for Bitcoin: Country Tops Wallet Downloads Ahead of the US, 08/21/2020

Controversial Bitcoin Model Places Exact Date on When BTC Will Shatter $100,000, 08/16/2020

Here’s How US-China Tensions Might Benefit Bitcoin, 08/13/2020

How Miners Can Hedge Their Inventory to Increase Return on Investment, 08/09/2020

The European Bitcoin exchange, which was hacked for $ 1.4 million, can't afford to refund users, 08/04/2020

Russian Crypto Scams Triple in First Half of 2020, 07/30/2020

Swiss SIX Exchange Lists Actively Managed Bitcoin ETP, 07/27/2020

Huobi Japan Opens Voting on Listing 6 New Tokens, 07/19/2020

Bitcoin and Ethereum Volumes Double in Traditional Foreign Exchange For Institutional Trading, 07/18/2020

OKCoin Joins Coinbase in Supplying Oracle Feed for DeFi Project Compound, 07/15/2020

South Korea Could Issue a Crypto Capital Gains Tax as High as 20%, 07/13/2020

Electrum, one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets, supports Lightning Network payments. 07/10/2020

The Stock Market against Bitcoin and Ethereum, who will win? 07/06/2020

Argentine Pesos Smallest Unit Centavo Now Equals One Satoshi, 07/04/2020

Swiss Authorities Amend Existing Laws to Foster Crypto Growth, 07/01/2020

PayPal Crypto Rumors, RIP Wirecard, Telegram Settles: Hodler’s Digest, June 22–28, 06/29/2020

Germany Sees Blockchain Technology Just as Revolutionary as the Internet, 06/24/2020

Why it makes sense for every investor to buy Bitcoin now, 06/22/2020

Money Manager Recommends Zero Exposure To Equities, Will Capital Flow Into Bitcoin? 06/19/2020

Bitcoin makes up over 90% of payments processed by BitPay, 06/16/2020

2 Hour Bitcoin min deposit reduced to 0.01 btc now, Invest 0.01 btc return 0.3 btc after 2 hours, 06/13/2020

Fake SpaceX YouTube Channels Scam Victims Out of $150K in BTC, 06/10/2020

South Africans are leaving their jobs to make money with bitcoin, 06/08/2020

Singapore-Based TomoChain Launches P2P Lending Feature, 06/06/2020

A Bitcoin (BTC) peer-to-peer exchange made on the HodlHodl platform went awry as a scammer appears to have used a SIM spoofing attack to make the seller believe he was about to receive the money, 06/03/2020

Indian IT Giant Tech Mahindra Launches Initiative to Equip Youth With Blockchain Skills,Bitcoin Price Surges to $10,380 as Trump Threatens Military Crackdown, 01/06/2020

Best Ways To Invest In India, 5/27/2020

Bitcoin: Africa might become the 'leading crypto continent in the next 5 yearsz', 5/24/2020

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Man Saw the Future of Those 10,000 BTC and Still, Did it 8 Times? 5/22/2020

Digital Euro Sees First Successful Test at the Bank of France, 5/21/2020

SoftBank Loses Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Posts Worst Losses in History, 5/19/2020

Bitcoin Price Consolidates Below $10,000 After Halving: What’s Next? 5/17/2020

Many More Bitcoin Investors Are Entering the Fray, Analysts Claim, 5/14/2020

The world’s largest Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto investment trust reports that its assets under management (AUM) increased by $500 million since the release of its first-quarter report in March.Grayscale says it now manages $3.7 billion worth of crypto assets on behalf of its clients, marking a new high for the digital asset management firm, 5/12/2020

BitMEX Exchange Post Halving Warning, Traders May Face Increased Withdrawal Fees And Delays in Transactions, 5/09/2020

Dutch authorities have told crypto exchanges to be ready to comply with tougher anti-money laundering (AML) laws or face mandatory shutdowns. DNB Gives Crypto Exchanges Two Weeks Ultimatum In a press release published by the Netherlands’ central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), on Monday (May 4, 2020), crypto exchanges operating in the country were given, 5/07/2020

A report published by leading U.S.-based crypto exchange, Coinbase, has argued that Bitcoin (BTC) offers a distinct advantage over gold. They state that Bitcoin is afforded these advantages by its lack of dependence on physical supply chains, 5/03/2020

Sygnum Bank, the first crypto bank licensed by FINMA, announced on April 30 that Ripple’s XRP tokens are now available through its banking services platform. Users can access deposit, exchange, and credit services using the popular digital currency, 5/01/2020

Europeans are getting more confident about the future of the cryptocurrency industry amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report,According to a new survey by bitFLyer, the number of Europeans who believe that crypto will still exist in 10 years has edged up from 63% in 2019 to 66% in 2020, 4/30/2020

One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,A Bitcoin Investor 7 bitcoins payment from One Hour HYIP in an hour, 4/28/2020

KuCoin to Become the Third Major Exchange to List Blockstack’s STX Token, 4/25/2020

Bitcoin Investors Hodl $530M More BTC Each Day as Halving Nears — Data,Roughly 75,000 BTC is being added to long-term positions daily, according to figures tracking investor behavior, 4/23/2020

How Bitcoin became the most sought currency in Argentina after USD crackdown? 4/20/2020

China Builds Blockchain Platform to Foster Trust in the E-Commerce Industry, 4/18/2020

Crypto Price Analysis April 15: BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, BCH, 4/15/2020

Is Bitcoin The Best Retirement Investment Option? Many Now Believe So, 4/13/2020

The Current State Of Crypto Taxes Around The World, 4/11/2020

Global Hedge Fund Expects Bitcoin to Hit $8K; Here’s Why, 4/09/2020

New Zealand Financial Regulator Warns Public About ‘Profit Bitcoin’ Scam,“The Bitcoin Profit software is advertised as a Bitcoin System which can make you “stinking rich” and earn millions even when crypto markets are crashing. In reality it is a fake automated crypto robot designed to execute losing trades and in that way steal your money.”The warning from New Zealand’s FMA comes amid apparent surge in global scam cases involving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin,a number of global jurisdictions including the United States and the United Kingdom have already warned the public against crypto scams trying to capitalize on the widespread fears relating to COVID-19, 4/07/2020

Crypto Exchanges Are Reporting Many New Bitcoin Customers, 4/05/2020

Binance Crypto Exchange Teases Bitcoin (BTC) Options Trading Feature, 4/04/2020

Bitcoin Price falls by $500 in less then a day,It is the time to invest in some HYIPs which listed in our site,because some Hyips program fixed their btc price in the system,The price of their system is definitely higher than the market price at present, so that the profit will be greater, 3/30/2020

Is Now the Time to Invest in Bitcoin? 3/26/2020

Wells Fargo announced that in response to the COVID-19 outbreak it would be suspending evictions, residential foreclosure property sales, and automobile repossessions. These moves may appear altruistic, yet taking steps to allow customers to purchase bitcoin would be an equally beneficial service, 3/22/2020

Hawaii Set to Introduce Regulatory Sandbox for Cryptocurrency Companies, 3/20/2020

US-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinZoom has officially launched its crypto exchange platform and Visa card,COINZOOM ALLOWS USERS TO SPEND CRYPTO WITH VISA CARDS, 3/18/2020

Italian Red Cross Launches Bitcoin Fundraiser To Fight Coronation, 3/15/2020

Bitplaza – The Amazon That Accepts Bitcoin, 3/13/2020

Huobi Releases New Mobile App for Crypto Trading, 3/11/2020

Tether prints 60 million USDT; all eyes on Bitcoin now, 3/09/2020

Cryptocurrency News From Japan in Review: March 1-7, 3/07/2020

It’s Bullish for Bitcoin But Crypto was Already Legal in South Korea, 3/05/2020

Australia suffers from too many BTC scams, 3/03/2020

Saxo Bank's scandalous prediction 2020: Asia markets an asset based on DLT, 2/28/2020

Coinbase App Users Can Now Send Crypto Funds to “.eth” Wallet Addresses, 2/25/2020

Crypto Analyst: Evil Whales Behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and Altcoin Market Rallies in 2020, 2/23/2020

In Response to Bitcoin, Central Bank of Brazil Presents Instant Payment System Pix, 2/21/2020

BITCOIN PRICE BACK TO $ 10,000 WHY HERE, 2/19/2020

Why should Bitcoin be part of these 5 hedge funds? 2/17/2020

Why is this the best time to buy Bitcoin? 2/15/2020

Ethereum Futures market reflects heightened Open Interest as it hits ATH, 2/13/2020

Bitcoin price will remain above $ 10,000, 2/10/2020

Bitcoin futures exceed $ 10,000; total BTC transactions reach up to half a billion, 2/07/2020

Bitcoin Price exceeds $ 9,700 to peak in 3 months, 2/06/2020

China Stocks Plummet Despite 1.2 Trillion Yuan Injection to Mitigate Effects of Epidemic, 2/04/2020

Financial Firm SBI Holdings to Offer XRP Cryptocurrency as Shareholders’ Benefit, 1/31/2020

My Bitcoin Generator was closed today,the domain was expired, 1/29/2020

Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof,The majority of financial advisors are “hesitant to invest client money in Bitcoin,” but they shouldn’t be, according to Ric Edelman, founder of Edelman Financial Engines, 1/28/2020

Popular bitcoin exchange Local Bitcoin has been suspending users’ accounts, 1/26/2020

Gift Bitcoin Cash for Chinese New Year With a Limited Edition Red Envelope Paper Wallet From,Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/24/2020

High Investment Program add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/22/2020

13X Bitcoin reduced the min deposit from 0.05 btc to 0.02 btc today, 1/21/2020

Bitcoin Qatar add a new perfect money payment proof on their site, 1/18/2020

Investors Pumped $608 Million Into Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency Funds in Record Year, Says Hedge Fund Giant Grayscale, 1/16/2020

A new Perfect Money Payment Proof added in Bitcoin Supply Chain's Proof Page today, 1/15/2020

Legit HYIP reduced the min deposit to $100 perfect money and added a bitcoin payment proof in their site, 1/14/2020

Bitcoin Stock Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/12/2020

Thailand’s Oldest Bank Launches Mobile Banking with Ripple, 1/10/2020

Coin Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/8/2020

How to Sell Anything for Bitcoin on Your Website, 1/7/2020

Our Investment Plan was fixed today,and a bitcoin payment proof added, 1/5/2020

Happy Birthday Bitcoin! Here’s a Look at Bitcoin’s 11th Year by the Numbers, 1/3/2020

Happy New Year! Bitcoin 2020 — Blockchain’s New Year Resolutions, 1/1/2020


Bitcoin Bank add a new bitcoin payment proof, 12/27/2019

OKEx Launches Bitcoin Options Trades for Select Clients Ahead of January Launch, 12/26/2019

Merry Chirstmas for all investors! We will continue to work this Christmas holiday,contact us if you have investment questions,Thank you for support over the past year, 12/24/2019

Christmas Shopping: Where to Buy With Crypto This Festive Season, 12/22/2019


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